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10 Simple Ways To Be Happy

"They say a person needs just three things to be truly happy in this world: someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for." - Tom Bodett


1. Take five.

When you’re feeling overwhelmed, sometimes all it takes is for you to stop for a while and relax. Make yourself a coffee, or listen to your favourite song, and clear your mind of your problems for a little while. You’ll resurface feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world.

2. Treat yourself!

There’s a lot of pressure – on women in particular – to be a certain way. When everyone’s telling you to be thin and pretty and groomed 24/7, it takes a toll. Remember to let yourself be treated. You’re only human! Eat that chocolate bar, or ditch the morning run if you’re not feeling it. There’s always tomorrow!

3. Keep healthy.

Okay, so this may seem to contradict the previous point. But treating yourself doesn’t have to mean being unhealthy all the time. The trick is control – you can have a slice of cake after lunch, and eat healthily during the rest of the day. And of course doing exercise is always good for you. But if hitting the gym isn’t for you, find something that interests you – join a Zumba class, or go for a swim! Healthiness goes hand in hand with happiness.

4. Practise mindfulness.

If you’ve not heard of it, mindfulness is the art of living in the present. It emphasises on you living life to the full and focussing on everything from the way you breathe to the way you use your spare time. It’s proven to make people happier, proving that it’s the little things that can boost your joy.

5. Make lists.

If you’re the kind of person who gets stressed easily, and likes to keep things organised, there’s nothing better than making a list. Shopping lists, to-do lists, lists of achievements…they can keep you grounded, prepared and positive. When you feel like you have a lot to do, making a list makes your goals seem more manageable and less daunting. Try it – it works for us!

6. Read.

Being a bookworm just got even more appealing. It’s a fact that people who read are more intelligent, empathetic and imaginative. Reading before bed can help you sleep, and some studies have shown reading can make you seem more attractive. Where are the negatives? It improves more than one aspect of your life so of course, your happiness will sky-rocket.

7. Take a trip.

It’s important to take time out from work life. It doesn’t have to be anywhere fancy – take a little trip to one of your favourite cities, or visit family back home. Spending time out

8. Make time for your friends

You picked your friends for a reason – because they’re there for you, and they make you smile. When you’ve got your own lives, it’s not always easy to make time for each other, but just picking up the phone and talking to them for a half hour in the evening can make the world seem a little brighter.

9. Laugh.

Laughter is indeed the best medicine. Laughter raises your serotonin levels, leaving you feeling elated and on top of the world. So if you’re feeling down, watch a rom-com, or call up that one friend that has you in stitches. You’ll feel a million times better for it.

10. Look on the bright side and don’t allow room for darkness.

If something’s getting you down, it’s better to ditch it. Whether it’s a job or a partner that’s bringing negative vibes into your life, you’re better off without it. Cleansing yourself of all pessimism is the first step to feeling happy all the time, so if something feels off, don’t hesitate to cut ties. But if it’s just a bad day, find something positive to boost your mood. Every cloud has a silver lining!




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You know you're on the right track when you become uninterested in looking back.

You know you're on the right track when you become uninterested in looking back.

In order to rise from its own ashes, a Phoenix first must burn. - Octavia E. Butler

In order to rise from its own ashes, a Phoenix first must burn. - Octavia E. Butler


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